Corporate Strategy
To achieve rapid expansion and high growth, focus and attention are placed on high-end residential developments and localization of business. With the effort in enhancing corporate capabilities and through constructive business cooperation with outsiders, the target of total contracted sales is therefore set at RMB20 billion for the three-year period and RMB50 billion for the five-year period, to pave the way for Minmetals Land to become a leading innovative and sustainable real estate developer.
  • Mission
    Building the best, creating a legend
  • Vision
    To become a leading innovative and sustainable real estate developer
 continuous provision of first-class service
continuous enhancement of business management
continuous breeding of an elite working team
Be responsible and committed to your duty to achieve the corporate goal
Producing goods and services with care and sincerity
Devoting to the Company with loyalty and dedication
Providing employees with support and motivation
Treating customers with integrity
Never be contented. Open up your mind to “think out of the box” to bring about continuous innovation in business models and management systems.
Achieve mutual benefit for all parties, namely the Company, the employees, the shareholders and the customers.
Business Concept
Cherish limited resources, pursue boundless development
Human wants are unlimited and resources to satisfy human wants, however, are limited. Seeing that there is a scarcity in the supply of land, energy, raw materials, labor as well as capital, Minmetals Land will keep on adhering to the business concept of “cherishing limited resources to pursue boundless development” to promote the values for our customers, employees and shareholders and to bring about a better livelihood and a harmonious society.
Development Philosophy
Attention:Focus on residential developments and self-developed regions Acceleration:Speed-up business growth by leveraging on external resources and enhancing internal operation capabilities
Appreciation:Expanding business scale and promoting self competitiveness
  • Product-mix
    Primarily focus on development of residential properties as well as commercial properties for sale and will participate in new projects only in times of favourable market conditions.
  • Positioning on Regional Development
    The Company’s real estate development business is positioned in China with special attention given to those regions that it has operation and development. Through business localization, it is aimed to have our business enlarged and expanded gradually.
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Social Responsibility
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